(D. Dubbeldam/J. van der Plas) (Django Music & Publishing)

Listen and watch right away:

This has to be the end of the show
We’d love to stay, but it’s time to go
This really is our very last song
Come gather around and sing along
This girl’s named Didi and his name is Jan
That man is Mick and he is called Hans
Buffi and Anny were singing for you
Coco and Django they are here too

I want to party!
Do you want to party?
The night is still young
And I’m in for some fun
I wanna dance all night long
I want to party!
Do you want to party?
Everyone come along
Sing along with this song
We’re gonna dance all night long
I want to party! (To party)

Don’t ask no questions, just tell me yes
Don’t hesitate, put on your best dress
You know the hot spots all around town
Now you come along and show us around

Laura, Charlotte, Max and Daniel
Thomas, Emma, Michelle
Julie and Lucas will be there too
We’d all like to go and party with you


One, two, three
On your knee
Left and right
Dance all night
Round and round
Up and down
We’re gonna have some fun tonight!


This is the final, our very last call
For those who go home: goodnight to you all
But I’d like to go and have some more fun
Put on your best dress… and come along

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