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Minidisco Songs

Agadoo The Holiday Express
Arriba Abajo I Am Me
Azonto Let's Begin
Bang Bang Bang Minidisco!
Big Fish Little Fish The Music Man
Boom Boom Shake Shake Party!
Chocolat (Choco Choco) Purple People Eater
Choo Choo Wa Push & Pull
Clap Clap Stamp Stamp Ring Ring
Cowboy Johnny So In Love
Do The Diski Startrekkin'
Family Finger Super Hero Song
The Goblin Dance Superman
Head, Shoulders, Knee & Toe The Elephant
Hello! Twinkle Stars
Hey Now Veo Veo
Hokey Pokey What Happened To The Crocodile
Hold Ya Head Come Along And Dance
Diploma's Doo Dah Day
Happy Birthday The Animal Song
If You're Happy Tapati Tapata
Fingertips RamSamSam


The page includes all children's songs from the rich repertoire of Minidisco. All songs from Wheels on the bus, Minidisco Holiday songs, Minidisco International songs CD#1, Minidisco International songs CD#2, Minidisco International songs CD#3 and Minidisco International songs CD#4 are in the list.  When you click on the link of your favorite nursery rhyme you arrive at the lyrics of the children's song. Besides the lyrics, there are playback options of the songs on the page, such as Youtube, Deezer, Spotify and Google Play.


We have done our best to add all the nursery rhymes on this page. Is your favorite nursery rhyme not listed but you are looking for the lyrics? Let us know and we will try to add your favorite children's song quickly. You can always email us at or just call +31 620 414 854.