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What is Mini Disco?

Welcome to the official Mini Disco English website. We make songs and clips for toddlers, preschoolers and children. 

Mini Disco is the hour of dancing for the children at the campsite or at holiday parks. We started making music for the Mini Disco. Many people know our songs Chu Chu Wa, Veo Veo, Superman, Soco Bate Vira, Chocolate, Bim Bum Biddy, Dance With Auntie Rita, Head Shoulders Knee & Toe, The Family Finger and Hokey Pokey. But nowadays we also write educational songs like I Am Me, In The Zoo, Supermarket and Where Is The Cat. Our educational children songs are among the most popular on YouTube. 

We write our songs with toddlers, small children and bigger children in mind. But everyone above 10 is also invited to come and dance along!

Our artist name in the Netherlands is DD Company. In other countries our songs may appear under the name Minidisco English, Minidisco Deutsch, Minidisco Español, etc. That is why our website is international. You can change the language with the flags at the top of the navigation bar. There you’ll find our songs in other languages. 

What's on this website?

On this website you will find links to our music on the various streaming services. It offers the lyrics to all the songs and direct links to all the tracks Spotify and YouTube. There are also some convenient non-stop playlists

There is also a webshop where you can buy our CDs, DVDs and USBs.

We also make customized songs and clips for campsites, holiday parks, gyms, kindergartens and all other places where children go. If you want to know more about that, look for more information under Businesses or contact us directly.