Minidisco International Songs DVD

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Minidisco International Songs DVD includes dance clips for well-known and international hits in different languages that are easy learnt by kids and will quicly become their favourites. 
Play our DVD and watch your kids having the best time ever! 

On Minidisco International Songs DVD
01 Empezamos (international)
02 Minidisco! (English)
03 Veo Veo (Spanish)
04 Hokey Cokey (English)
05 Der Wecker (German)
06 Il coccodrillo come fa (Italian)
07 Ramsamsam (International)
08 Peut-être Amoureuse (French)
09 The Musicman (English)
10 Head, Shoulders, Knee & Toe (English)
11 Chu Chu Ua (Spanish)
12 Der Elefant (German)
13 Klap Klap Stap Stap (Dutch)
14 Chi Ki Cha (Spanish)
15 Chocolat (English)
16 Cowboy Johnny (German)
17 Superman (Spanish)
18 Papa Pinguin (German)
19 Boum Boum Secoue Secoue (French)
20 Dale Pa'lla Dale Paca (Spanish)
21 Dance Instructor (Dutch/English)
22 Startrekking (Enlish)
23 Ich Spring Auf Und Ab (german)
24 Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz (Dutch)
25 Tapati Tapata (International)
26 Dans! (Dutch)
27 Party! (International)
28 Sterne (German)

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