Minidisco International Songs CD #4

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When songs come on the radio or music-heavy commercials pops on TV, your  kids will be bopping away to funky tunes. But do they really benefit ? then Minidisco International Songs CD #4 is the right choice for your kids. Enhance your kids knwoledge with a great collection of international kids songs in several languages. Let them enjoy what they are learning!!

On Minidisco International Songs CD #4
01 Minidisco (English)
02 Chocolat Choco Choco (English)
03 Klatsch Klatsch Stampf Stampf (German)
04 Ramsamsam (International)
05 Ven Ven Ven (Spanish)
06 Supermann (German)
07 The Elephant (English)
08 Im Mondenschein / La lune (German / French)
09 So In Love (English)
10 Fingertips (International)
11 Dans! (Dutch)
12 Ciapa La Galeina (Italian)
13 Choo Choo Wa (English)
14 Theo Theo (French)
15 Jongens en meiden (Dutch)
16 Hoquet Coquet (French)
17 Fliegerlied (German)
18 Cumple Cumpleanos (Spanish)
19 Party! (International)
20 Nos Vamos A La Cama (Spanish)

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