Minidisco International Songs CD #1

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Introduce your kids to wide range of the most popular kids songs in different languages. Here with Minidisco International Songs CD #1 we offer you the best international kids hits. Songs that involve pop, movement and singing. Give your kids the opportunity to explore more music from different cultures.

On Minidisco International Songs CD #1
01 Come Along And Dance (English)
02 Veo Veo (Spanish)
03 Superman (English)
04 Hokey Cokey (English)
05 Tschu Tschu Wa (German)
06 Ik Spring Op En Neer (Dutch)
07 Der Wecker (German)
08 Il coccodrillo come fa (Italian)
09 Peut-être Amoureuse (French)
10 The Musicman Mix (English)
11 Levantando Los Manos (Spanish)
12 Head, Shoulders, Knee & Toe (English)
13 The Holiday Express (English)
14 If You're Happy (International)
15 Agadoo (English)
16 The Goblindance (English)
17 Happy Birthday (International)
18 Schnappi das kleine Krokodil (German)
19 Diplomas (International)
20 Vuelta (Spanish)

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