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Whether dancing around the house, on a rainy day or singing along with the radio, kids love to listen and participate in music. There are lots of reasons to get them enthusiastics. This CD is one of them that will participate in giving them the best result. It is fun, enjoyable and the best method for your children to learn. 

When a  child's brain is developing ;  It is like a sponge that soaks up evertthing around. Children are much more able to hear new things than adults.  Brighten your child's life with as much meaningful music as you can.
Peuterplaat Dutch CD is the perfect mixture of Dutch songs that will help your kids at early age learn and build importants skills beside having unlimited fun.

On PEUTERPLAAT Dutch CD the following numbers:
01 Ik Ben Ik 
02 Op Tafel
03 Lente
04 Ziek
05 Op Straat 
06 In De Zomer
07 Schone Kleren
08 Boodschappen Doen
09 Samen Spelen
10 Waar is De Poes ?
11 Mijn Huis 
12 Herfst
13 Dierentuin
14 Mijn Lijf
15 Sneeuw

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