Minidisco "Les Meilleurs Hits" French CD

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So when you start your child’s music library, focus on adding new songs that provide your kids with new skills. And what is better than encouraging our kids to learn new language!  A viarity of lanhuages is the door to wisdom. So enhance your kids' library with Minidisco "Les Meilleurs Hits" French songs that includes Minidisco best kids hits but in French ... The language of beauty, romance and magic.
it is true ..the younger the kids are, the better they are at mimicking new sounds and adopting new skills.

On Minidisco "Les Meilleurs Hits" French songs CD
01 Commencer
02 Hoquet Coquet
03 Theo Theo 
04 Superman
05 Peut-être Amoureuse
06 Tchou Tchou Oua 
07 Tête, Epaules, Genoux et Orteils
08 Je Saute A Toute Va
09 Le Train
10 Johnny Le Cowboy
11 La Lune
12 Avec Les Petits Doigts
13 Tapati Tapata 
14 Le Professeur De Danse
15 Boum Boum Secoue Secoue
16 Tchi Ki Tcha
17 L'Éléphant
18 Le Reveil
19 Finale
20 Etoiles

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