Minidisco Dutch songs CD #3

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Minidisco Dutch songs CD #3 includes the best kids Dutch songs. Your kids will love to start their days dancing and singing with our Dutch collection. Don't hesitate to sing along with your kids and share them their best moments ever!

Minidisco CD#3 just introduced a new design. For this special celebration, Minidisco is pleased to offer one with instructions free of charge until the 20th of March by ordering the Minidisco CD#3

On Minidisco Dutch songs CD #3
01 Dance Instructor 
02 Klap Klap Stap Stap 
03 Tapati Tapata 
04 Tsji Ki Tsja
05 Boem Boem Shake Shake
06 What Is Er Met De Krokodil?
07 Mijn Papa Pinguin
08 De Koe Die Boe Zei
09 Blub (Goudvis)
10 Ik Ben De Baas
11 Op Vakantie
12 Ben jij ook op mij?
13 Halloween
14 Zombiedans
15 De Wave
16 Cowboy Johnny
17 Ochtendgymnastiek
18 Work  Out

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