Minidisco "Die besten Songs" German DVD

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Dance is the perfect mixture of fun and discipline. It’s also a great way for kids to physically release their emotions. For that we offer you Minidisco "Die besten Songs" German DVD. It is  is a collection of dancing clips for the greatets Minidisco hits sung in German performed by a professional dance group.
Play the DVD and let your kids feel the music and dance!

On Minidisco "Die besten Songs" German DVD
01 Beginnen
02 Der Wecker
03 Theo Theo 
04 Der Elefant
05 Tschu Tschu Wa 
06 Hokey Cokey 
07 Supermann 
08 Tanz!
09 Vielleicht Verliebt
10 Ilarié
11 Ich Spring Auf Und Ab 
12 Kopf, Schultern, Knie & Fuss 
13 Der Musikant
14 Cowboy Joe
15 Finale 
16 Sterne

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