Je Suis Moi - French CD

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Nevertheless, music is a great aid to your kids language learning. Songs sung in different languages will not only give them a great joy and exciting challenge but also will give them insight into how words are pronounced and ideas are formed. Je Suis Moi - French CD is a great collection of kids songs sung in French. The perfect collection for your kids to get the sense of the french language. Even if the words are unfamiler at first for your kids, practicing it over and over again will give a way to actual understanding. 
On Je Suis Moi - French CD
01 Je suis moi
02 Sur la Table
03 Printemps
04 Malade
05 Dans la Rue
06 En Eté
07 Habits Propres
08 Faire les Courses
09 Jouer Ensemble
10 Ou est Le Chat?
11 Ma Maison
12 Automne
13 Au Zoo
14 Mon Corps
15 La Neige

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