Ich Bin Ich - German CD

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Singing songs is a powerful way for young children to practice new languages and discover different cultures. When children sing, they practice pronouncing words and putting together sentences. Learning the lyrics to songs is an effective way to remember information. Ich Bin Ich - German CD is all your kids need to explore the Greman culture and language. Ich Bin Ich is a great collection of the best kids songs sung in German. Play the CD and let your kids learn their first words in German.  Share them some of your moves in dncing make them love what they hear.

On Ich Bin Ich - German CD
01 Ich Bin Ich      
02 Auf Dem Tisch  
03 Frühling           
04 Krank               
05 Auf Der Strass    
06 Sommer            
07 Saubere Kjeider   
08 Einkaufen Gehen 
09 Spiele Teilen       
10 Wo Ist Die Katz?  
11 Mein Haus         
12 Herbst            
13 In Unserem Zoo  
14 Mein Körper        
15 Schnee

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